Quality control inspection and report

Ocean Treasure has its own team of qualified inspectors in China and Vietnam. For each order, we will provide you a detailed report based on the real inspection. We offer full services concerning quality control. We make sure your products are correctly processed, properly loaded, delivered on time, and in suitable condition at arrival.

We conduct a strict quality control by testing the following aspects:

Appearance - Packing - Glazing - Weight - Count - Cooking - Loading

As well we will give you a full report covering all the aspects of the factory (performance, quality certifications, etc…). Our Systemic and efficient QC service is now available for any clients who require a third party commercial inspection for the production, finished products, and loading ( for food only).

Ocean Treasure is totally transparent during the production and inspection of your order; you will have the possibility to intervene at any time. We are always here to satisfy you.

> Strict QC
> Totally
transparent with
our clients

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